A downloadable No Return for Windows

NO RETURN the Wilderness Survival & Hunting Simulator for PC

NO RETURN is an open world survival simulator set in a 20x20km Massive Open World Map, go and explore and learn to survive. The game is under development. Download Free and let us know what you think through the forum.

NO RETURN the open world survival and hunting simulator will provide you with a number of options on how you want to play the game. Be that as a hunter, survival expert, base builder, commander and more. A lot is planned for the open world and how you can enjoy it so download now and let us know what you think.

For your free open world survival game downloads visit the links below and dont forget to join the forum for the latest free development builds.

For 32bit And 64bit Windows Versions Visit IndieDb

Free Downloads

Forum - Get the latest Downloads 64bit & 32bit Versions Available

Main Site - Find out about Development progress

Youtube Videos & Dev Chat - Subscribe for Update News

Install instructions

64 Bit Win Download - For 32Bit Join the Forum
Controls for No Return Open World Survival Sim V0.23

= Move
Q & E = Lean
SPAVE = Jump & Climb Tree

1 = Smoke Bomb (may cause fps loss - Under Dev)
2 = Normal Scale
3 = Mini Me Scale
4 = 2x Normal Scale
5 = Torch On
6 = Torch Off
7 = HUD On
8 = HUD Off

F = Pickup Item
I = Inventory
P = Player Camera View (Also right mouse button)
Z = Place Trees
C = Chop Down Trees (Must be in iron sight view)
X = Place Tuimber Frame Building Block

J = Spawn In UFO
K = Spawn In Ducks for Hunting
Y = Place Fire

Youtube Videos
If you make a youtube video refer back to EPIC for information. Send us a link so that we can share it with NO RETURN Fans!. Thanks for your support and please link back to the indieDB listing and ensure you mention it is a dev build.



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